Ghar Sabha 82




Lost in Samadhi

Santdasji Swami, Shreeji Maharaj and other saints were once in a satsang vicharan. Along the way, devotees from one village asked Shreeji Maharaj to leave one saint in the village so they could do satsang. Shreeji Maharaj accepted the offer but in the meantime, Santdasji went into Samadhi in the room which was given to Shreeji Maharaj and saints to stay. Shreeji Maharaj and all saints left the village thinking Santdasji will do satsang in this village. Santdasji was still in Samadhi and he didn't know that Shreeji Maharaj and the other saints had left and he had unknowingly accepted the task of doing satsang in this village. The devotees of the village also didn't know that Santdasji was the saint that Shreeji Maharaj had left to do satsang. Six months later, Shreeji Maharaj and the other saints came back to the village. The devotees again told Shreeji Maharaj to leave a saint behind for satsang. Shreeji Maharaj explained to the devotees that he left Santdasji Swami behind to take care of the satsang in the village. The devotees were bewildered so they started searching for Santdasji and found him in the room where he was six months ago.  Shreeji Maharaj had actually left Santdasji in Samadhi. The devotees knew that Shreeji Maharaj and the saints had left so they started to fill the room with grass. They never knew that Santdasji was in the room. The devotees were surprised that Santdasji survived because the grass had insects and scorpions in it. Shreeji Maharaj explained to them that without His permission, nobody can do anything to His disciples.

Moral: Such is the power and attraction of the idol of Maharaj that make such extra ordinary actions such as the Samadhi easily possible.


Gurukul Ghar Sabha

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