Ghar Sabha 78




Selfless devotion

Maharaj was once in the village of Pipli at Dadabhai's residence in an assembly.  There He saw a young boy named Bhuriyo, standing at a distance with a musical instrument called Sarangi in his hand and looking at Him. Maharaj asked Dadabhai who the boy was.  Dadabhai told Maharaj that the boy was a street performer and that he could sing and play the instrument with him. Maharaj asked Dadabhai to call Bhuriyo near Him.

When he came to Maharaj, Maharaj asked Bhuriyo why he was looking towards Him. Bhuriyo said he wanted to please Maharaj by singing.  Maharaj said you may sing but I am not going to reward you with anything.  Bhuriyo said he was not expecting anything in return but was just looking to please Maharaj.

With his eyes shut Bhuriyo started singing Kirtans for Maharaj.  A noticeably pleased Maharaj gave him His head gear, then His ornaments around the neck, then His bracelet and then His costly garments.  Sura Khachar was afraid that Maharaj may even gift him the mare Manaki and other horses.  Naja Jogiya asked the boy why was he still singing and did he not have enough from Maharaj.  But Bhuriyo replied that he was not singing for favors. Sura Khachar then asked Naja Jogiya to free his impulsive horse so that the assembly gets dispersed.  Naja Jogiya did as instructed and then the assembly dispersed.

Sura Khachar then asked Maharaj who the boy really was, by whose kirtans Maharaj was so pleased. Maharaj replied that once Santdasji Swami had gone to heaven in Samadhi and did satsangabout Maharaj with a Gandharva there who wanted to please Maharaj by singing and that he took birth as Bhuriyo in a middle class nomadic family so that when they roam from one place to the other they could come across Maharaj. If he had taken birth in a well to do family his chances of going places and finding Maharaj would have been rare.
Moral: We should practice such selfless devotion to Bhagwan as Bhuriyo.



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