Ghar Sabha 81




No Peace in Greed

Neelkanth Varni during his van vicharan (pilgrimage) entered Gujarat. He crossed the villages of Mahuva, Kovaiya and stayed a night in Samtej. There after taking a bath in Shyam kund in the morning went to Simar village. There on the outskirts of the village He was taking rest in a Dharmshala.
There came a bania who looked like a human form of greed. His outfit seemed old and he did not wear any shoes, he was young but looked old. Seeing Neelkanth Varni he immediately realized that Neelkanth Varni was no ordinary person.
Instantaneously he thought that if Neelkanth Varni is pleased He would bless him with all the wealth in the world. He approached Maharaj and asked him to visit his home and have mean. The bania wanted to feed Neelkanth Varni and then wanted His blessings to get wealthy. He was very earnest in his request.  Neelkanth Varni agreed and they went to his home.
He prepared very delicious and rich food for Neelkanth Varni and offered with love.  Neelkanth Varni lovingly had his food and after that he left. But the bania was eager and waiting to hear Neelkanth Varni’s blessing to him, so he told Neelkanth Varni that it was not for nothing that he fed Him. He wanted to be wealthy. Maharaj told him that wealth begets misdeeds and that there is no good in being rich. The bania still insisted that let the world's misery fall on him but he get rich.
Neelkanth Varni then told him that, “I have wealth in the form of God’s idol and let me give it to you”.  As Maharaj left and walked, the bania kept looking and he got engrossed in Neelkanth Varni's idol.

Moral: God's idol is more valuable than any imaginable thing in the world.


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