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Hypocrite Dudhadhari Bawa

Shreeji Maharaj when in his van vicharan (pilgrimage) as Neelkanth Varni, left Setubandh Rameshwar and on his way through the forest came across a Bawa named Dudhadhari. He himself kept Maun (did not talk to anyone), so his followers introduced him to Neelkanth Varni that the Bawa does not eat anything and only drinks milk and so is called Dudhadhari. Because of such antics many people revered him.  Maharaj wished to spend a night at the Bawa's Ashram, but his followers told Maharaj that he should go to the village instead. But Maharaj insisted that he did not need anything and that He would sleep under the tree across the Bawa's seat. Thinking of Neelkanth Varni as a boy they let Maharaj sleep there.
Pretending to sleep Maharaj was watching their activities. In the darkness the Bawa got up from his seat and his followers took out flour, grains, fruits and other food material from under a bunker below the Bawa's seat. They prepared meals and all of them including the Bawa ate a lot and after that the Bawa's followers went for a theft to fill the bunker again. That night they robbed the local King.
The next morning the enraged King ordered an investigation and it was learnt from the footsteps that the thieves came from the woods. The King's men came right to the Bawa's seat and they unearthed the bunker under the Bawa's seat. They found the kingdom's bounty in the bunker.
The King thought of punishing the Bawa. He ordered the Bawa to be paraded on a donkey's back with his back facing the front. Thus the Bawa's hypocrisy was uncovered.

Moral: Hypocrisy in satsang or even in our daily affairs does not take us far.


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