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Importance of Dharma

Shreeji Maharaj along with saints was once seated in an assembly in Jetalpur. There Shri Devanand Swami and Nityanand Swami brought a person named Ishwar to Shreeji Maharaj. He was harassed by a ghost. The ghost had entered his body, would not leave by any means.
Ishwar had once given thaal to saints hence the ghost was not able to cause much grief to Ishwar. But still at times the ghost would trouble him. When Ishwar sat in front of Maharaj and as Maharaj looked at him, the ghost inside started screaming and Ishwar ran. Maharaj asked Sura Khachar to bring him back. When he came back, Maharaj gave him water and pacified the ghost inside and asked him who he was.
He replied that he was Ishwar's uncle, Narbheram. Narbheram owned a farm and in that he liked a tree of Rayan very much. His soul was attached to it. After he died, since he was a Brahmin he became a BrahmaRakshas and resided in the tree of Rayan. He would not let anyone even touch a fruit let alone pluck it. He would kill anyone who dared even to take a leaf. Under such circumstances his nephew Ishwar cut a branch of the tree. He was very enraged but since Ishwar had served the saints of Bhagwan Swaminarayan, Narbheram was not able to harass Ishwar as much.

To do a charitra Maharaj asked the ghost to leave Ishwar's body and enter any devotee's body who did not follow the Shikshapatri.  Sura Khachar said “Oh Maharaj we are your disciples and follow the Shikshapatri, send the ghost to the assembly of women devotees.”  Maharaj raised his voice so that the women devotees sitting some distance away could hear and said “Oh ghost go to the women devotees and enter someone who does not follow the Shikshapatri”. The women devotees scared of the ghost pledged to not slack in following the Shikshapatri. Maharaj then sent the ghost to Badrikashram.

Moral: Following the Shikshapatri saves us from unforeseen misery.


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