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Fruitless Ego against Bhagwan

          During Ramanand Swami's time, there was a person named Meghjit Sukhadiya in the village of Mangrol. He was cook by profession. He had studied black magic and dirty tricks due to which he was able to keep items in the boiling oil with his hand without getting hurt. He dried down lush green trees by just saying a mantra.

When Ramanand Swami went to Akshardham he felt like taking Ramanand Swami's spot in the Satsang by showing people his magical skills. Unfortunately, his tricks did not work on Maharaj's disciples. Once he came to Maharaj's assembly and started talking ill of Maharaj and cursed Muktanand Swami. Maharaj asked him not to insult such devout saints as Muktanand Swami, but he did not stop. He instead started to boast of his skills. He wanted to show everyone how he could dip his hand in boiling oil and still remain unharmed. He started but today against Maharaj's wish his powers did not come true. His fingers got burned. He got angry and proclaimed that after four days he himself would go to Akshardham by his yogic powers.

Maharaj warned him that against the will of God nothing is possible. But he remained adamant and started giving away donations and feed to everyone except Maharaj's saints.  On the fourth day he sat in Samadhi and started to take his soul through the body, but against Maharaj's wish he couldn͛t cross the Brahmarandhra and was stuck there. He faced extreme difficulty and was neither in a conscious state in his body nor could he get out of the mortal body.

Seeing his plight his relatives begged Maharaj of forgiveness. Maharaj brought him back to his normal being and restored his soul in the body.  He pleaded guilty and begged for forgiveness of Maharaj.

MoralPossessing ego in front of God and His saints only cause us plight and misery.


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